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The Findlay Family invites you and yours to come experience tranquility at Blue Lake Resort. We are located 15km north of Boston Bar - just a short drive from Vancouver! Campground Manager Shayne Findlay wants you to see how Blue Lake is truly a place apart from anywhere else in the beautiful Fraser Canyon. Stay in our cozy Lodge, camp in the scenic campgrounds, or settle into one of our rustic or lakeside cabins, here in the Fraser Canyon. Hike around our crystal clear lake and through the mountain trails, ride your ATV down the miles of available trails, or just laze around on our sandy beach and soak up the scenery. Blue Lake is surrounded by thousands of acres of untouched wilderness, creating a breathtaking park like setting. It is the perfect place for the recreational, outdoors family to enjoy camping in the Fraser Valley. Our resort remains open year round for opportunities to camp in all season. Blue Lake Resort also offers RV park sites for 5th-wheel trailers, motor homes, and campers that require hook-up service.

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New Cabin!

We are pleased to announce that we have a new cabin available for rental. Our "Bear Den" cabin has replaced Rustic Cabin 5. It sleeps up to four people, with a queen size bed and a loft which can accommodate an inflatable mattress (not provided). Some key amenities are a washroom with shower, kitchenette with fridge, gas cook-top, and microwave, and a Satellite TV. We hope you get that chance to check it out, and as of today it is open for booking throughout the whole summer!

These are stressful times for Canada, our loyal customers, our own families, and our business Blue Lake Resort.  We remain open at this time and have welcomed guests and workers who continue to visit our resort.  However under the strict guidelines of our Provincial authority we have made changes to our protocols. 
It is very likely that you booked your stay with us before our world was engulfed with the Covid-19 pandemic. Provincial and National parks have been closed and recreation sites are not open. We will remain open as long as we can safely manage the health of our guests and of our staff. R.V. parks and Campgrounds are classified as essential services and we take this responsibility very seriously. Blue Lake Resort strongly urges that you follow all social distancing measures set out by the Provincial Health Officer. You must be safe and you must be sanitary. 
It is not business as per usual at Blue Lake Resort. The course of the disease is in flux and decisions we make on April 10 may need to be modified once we have different directions in the days ahead. We have identified several vulnerabilities and addressed them as such:
1) Our resort is surrounded by trails and recreation areas of many thousands of acres.  Plenty of space for safe distancing will be at your disposal.  However the centre of your stay will be your cabin or your campsite.  We ask that you remain in your space and not allow your dogs or children to roam unless they are under your care. 
2) We have supplemented our cleaning protocols for cabins, including aggressive and thorough sanitization efforts. We will review our sanitization with each cabin guest upon their arrival. We will spare no effort to ensure that cabins and hot tubs are safe. 
3) Our main public washrooms and showers are mainly closed. We do have welcome centre washrooms for our guests only. These washrooms will be open from 7 am. until 10 pm. We are not open for anyone except registered guests. Washrooms are not to be used by any other visitors. In fact our guests will not be able to invite day users to drop by as this is not acceptable according to Provincial Health guidelines as of this date. 
4) Our beach area will remain open so long as social distancing rules are being followed. Failure of our guests to comply will result in the closure of the beach area for their use. 
5) Our playground, youth room and laundry facilities are closed until we can safely open them again. 
6) Our washrooms contain cleaning supplies that require guests to self-sanitize fixtures before and after use, as well as equipment to circulate air flow through the restrooms. We will be cleaning our washrooms on a fixed and regular schedule. During peak times washrooms will have a full time attendant to extra sanitize. Please maintain social distancing while awaiting your turn at the washrooms. 
7) Our aim is to encourage guests to use their own washroom facilities in their cabins and RV's and accordingly we have lifted the sani fees for our guests.  IF YOUR RV HAS A BATHROOM ( and most do) THEN ACTIVATE AND USE IT PLEASE. 
8) Our welcome centre and store remains open with limits on groups and numbers of people. Please await your turn to register upon your arrival. We advise you to ask for our help with your purchase and not to touch our merchandise without our help. 
9) When you are out and about to the washroom and to the welcome centre and indeed any public areas it is advisable to protect yourself and others by utilizing any masks, self-made or others, that you own. 
10) Tent campers are our concern at this time.  Basically you don't drive in with your own washroom facilities on board and we will need to continuously assess whether we have the resources to house and service you. Please contact us if you have questions. 
Blue Lake Resort is the place where we live and we need to stay safe. We remain open because of our our confidence in our ability to provide a low risk environment together. As with all things done in a community, RESPECT is our mantra. Your kids need to be respectful at the petting zoo and at the beach.  You need to skootch right to the side of the trail when you skirt past people on the Blue Lake Grind. This will be a few months of being very attentive to others. 

Covid-19 Response

As the virus spreads it will begin to impact more and more areas of our life. This message is to serve as assurance that we are actively monitoring the situation as it relates to recreational activities, and following all recommendations by the government and health care professionals.

During the off-season our first line of defense is that our accommodations see many days between guests. Non peer-reviewed studies on Covid-19 have suggested a “surface life” upwards of three days, dependent on the surface material. It is common for our Cabins to be empty from Sunday morning until Friday afternoon. Should an accommodation be required sooner than three days, we have begun to implement an enhanced cleaning procedure which includes supplementing our standard cleaning with Isopropyl Alcohol treatments on higher risk items in our cabins such as door handles, light switches, etc. Any accommodations with hot tubs are having them emptied between every guest with fresh water and new chemicals. Common areas such as restrooms are being given frequents wash downs and end-of-day sanitation procedures.

As the weather improves and our guest traffic increases we will scale our response accordingly. This will include:

·         Training for our staff, with ongoing reinforcement on a regular basis.

·         Guidelines for our guests to help keep themselves and others at low risk.

·         Clearly defined procedures for effective cleaning and disinfection.

·         Easy access to hand sanitizing products for our guests.

·         Community based efforts to keep public washrooms clean i.e. access to cleaning supplies.

·         Quick response to spills, trash, or other situations.

Maintaining an open dialogue regarding this issue is crucial to us. As more options for enhancing the safety and well-being of our guests come available we will pursue them.

2020 Summer Bookings

Here we go! Boys and girls get ready for booking the 2020 season. Starting January 14th at 8 am you will be able to reserve all of our cabins and campsites at Blue Lake Resort. Except Rustic Cabin 5. You can't book Rustic Cabin 5 because.... well it won't exist anymore. Stay tuned for an explanation why!


You're probably not going to be thrilled with this so I'm just going to come out and say it. We are going to have a new tax of 2% starting October 1st. It is referred to as the MRDT, and although this tax is new to us, it's very well known in the hospitality industry. It was first introduced in 1987, and if you want to know more about what it is please click here. This tax is going to be introduced to every hotel accommodation in the Fraser Canyon and Hope. It will only apply to our cabins.

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