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Welcome To Blue Lake Resort

The Findlay Family invites you and yours to come experience tranquility at Blue Lake Resort. We are located 15km north of Boston Bar - just a short drive from Vancouver! Campground Manager Shayne Findlay wants you to see how Blue Lake is truly a place apart from anywhere else in the beautiful Fraser Canyon. Stay in our cozy Lodge, camp in the scenic campgrounds, or settle into one of our rustic or lakeside cabins, here in the Fraser Canyon. Hike around our crystal clear lake and through the mountain trails, ride your ATV down the miles of available trails, or just laze around on our sandy beach and soak up the scenery. Blue Lake is surrounded by thousands of acres of untouched wilderness, creating a breathtaking park like setting. It is the perfect place for the recreational, outdoors family to enjoy camping in the Fraser Valley. Our resort remains open year round for opportunities to camp in all season. Blue Lake Resort also offers RV park sites for 5th-wheel trailers, motor homes, and campers that require hook-up service.

Come stay with us and create long lasting memories!

Latest Blue Lake News

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

It is time to reveal the "super secret" upgrade that we have had planned for a year now. Appropriately, the greatest teaser of Blue Lake history addresses the most debated feature of Blue Lake. Ladies and Gentlemen, upgrades to the road have begun.

What's that? Didn't catch that last bit?

We Are Upgrading the Road!

Now you have no excuses to not visit Blue Lake. All of those reviews you read about the road are meaningless. As well as all of the ones that did not directly address my dedication and attractiveness, which is a precaution you should have taken already.

We encourage you to follow the progress on our Facebook page. What a time to be alive!


You know that part in the movies where the couple kisses romantically in the rain? Well our prices will be the Ryan Gosling, and you can be Rachel McAdams.

For the month of June 2015, all unbooked days in our lakefront cabins are on sale! Karen's Cabin is available for as low as $125 per night. Nothing says "I'm sorry about forgetting our anniversary/ Happy anniversary!" like a cabin on the lake with a hot tub.

Call 1 877 867 9246 for more info. Use promo code: ShayneYouAreSoHandsome

Hummingbird Season

Late April through the first two weeks of June are peak times for a fabulous array of returning hummingbirds. Hundreds of the wonderful birds hover around our rapidly draining feeders as they return from their winter in Mexico. This is a magical time at Blue Lake. If you like them- we have a huge resident population. Come up and see!

- - - - -


Email your favourite part of camping at Blue Lake Resort to and you could win a $100 gift card for use towards your accommodations!

Contest ends April 25th

- - - - -

Party Like It Is 2015.

Wait, isn't it 2015?
Yes it is, internet traveler. At Blue Lake we don't need to pretend to be anything else, because good times are happening live.

We are very excited to once again gear up for the summer season. Blue Lake is coming back bigger and better than ever. Well, actually it is going to be the same size. Maybe a little smaller. But better, so much better. We are upgrading hot tubs, continually improving our Rustic Cabins, and more. Here's the highlights:

New Playground
As attached as we are to the playground of yesteryear, it's time for a modern look. We will be featuring an entire overhaul of our playground facilities.

New Trail Systems
Now when you want to go for a hike we will be offering substantially more guidance than our traditional, "The woods are that way". Trails will be marked and ranked for difficulty and duration.

I Got A Haircut
It looks really good. Please mention it.

Internet Upgrades
You would not believe how hard it is to turn a tree into a wireless router. Internet in the middle of the woods has always been an uphill battle. We are in talks to provide internet availability campsite wide. It's not yet free Wi-Fi, but, baby steps.

And One Super Secret In-Progress Mega Super Awesome Upgrade
Easily our most requested upgrade has been approved funding, and as soon as it is underway I'm sure you will hear about it on the news. Or our Facebook Page.

Get. Pumped.

- - - - -

For years philosophers have pondered the life, the universe and everything in it. Blue Lake has finally prepared its contribution to this age old discussion.


That's right. We now have an inflatable object which you make climb inside of and spring, jump, hop, and most of all, bounce. It's totally sweet and I am really good at it, even though there is no way to objectively measure it. But trust me I am, and soon you will be too. With careful supervision we believe that even adults may be able to embrace the wonderment of childhood once more. If you would like to have a mid-life crisis on the bounce house that can be arranged for an additional fee.

So what are you waiting for? Come for the penultimate joy of an inflatable paradise before we inevitably try to float it on the lake and it all ends in tears.

- - - - - 

Oh, It's On.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls. Come one come all to the 2014 season. The sites are ready to be camped, the lake is ready to be swam, and the local liquor stores are packed to the ceiling. As we enter this upcoming Easter Long Weekend we officially leave the off-season, and dive headfirst into the tranquility of your vacation.

New features this season include several cabin renovations, the tearing down and rebuilding of the stage/activity center, and weekend events featuring prizes. Expect to play in bocce ball tournaments, horseshoe marathons, and swimming competitions. Children can win prizes like toys and candy, adults win something you have to be 19 years old to purchase. You can't see it, but I just winked at my computer screen. The NSA saw it, as I assume they are tapped into my webcam, so ask them for proof.

Drive, don't teleport, to Blue Lake soon. We miss you, and the paintings of your faces I have made from memory don't have your personality.

- - - - -

Hummingbird Season
Late April through the first two weeks of June are peak times for a fabulous array of returning hummingbirds. Hundreds of the wonderful birds hover around our rapidly draining feeders as they return from their winter in Mexico. This is a magical time at Blue Lake. If you like them- we have a huge resident population. Come up and see!

- - - - -

Guest in Loon Cabin: July 2012
"Thanx Bluelake Resort for a wonderful weekend. The lake was beautiful the cabin was all we needed and the staff was excellent. Jill on the hill (check in lady) was so friendly and helpful what a pleasure to have her greet you upon your arrival. This family friendly place is the place you want to go to for a little R&R. Just a 2.5 hrs drive from Vancouver is a hidden jewel. We’ll be back for sure, but next time I will definitely bring my four legged friend."

~N.Stermer, Loon Cabin July 2012

- - - - -

I got some good news & nevermind, just good news.
People are always asking me, "Shayne, why are you so handsome”. The key is lots of rest and genetics.

On a completely unrelated note, Blue Lake Resort now has CELL PHONE SERVICE!!!! You wanted it, we inadvertently received it, but will take credit for it nonetheless. No longer do you have to worry about being able to check up on your kids shenanigans while you are away, or have to come home to 43 facebook notifications. You an do it all lake-side while you bask in the sun and laugh at the silly Vancouverites who are stuck in the concrete jungle.

Before anyone gets too excited I do have to disclose some information. The only provider currently covered is telus. This means that Rogers, fido and all other carriers will still not work at Blue Lake. Also, the phone has to be on the 3g network. Older telus phones will not work as they operate on the CDMA as opposed to the new phones which has SIM cards and… okay I’ll stop. Anyways, them’s the breaks. If you want cell use, you need a telus phone that’s relatively new.

I would like to encourage you to not be scared by this, this is a good thing. I know the only reason most of you come is to get your husbands away from work, and do for the small fee of $5, I will personally check phones at the office, and proceed to throw them into the lake. You’re welcome.

Stay warm this winter, and plan to come back this summer, we miss you.

Shayne Findlay
Lord Chancellor, VP of Operations, President of Public Relations, and all around good guy.

- - - - -

Tell us what you think on Facebook.
Feel free to go on our facebook page and post your reactions and suggestions for the upcoming Summer!
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Send In The Campers.
We like to do something to improve the camping experience every year and keep you coming back to check it out. As you may remember from last year we had added a sani-dump system to provide our RV campers with a unique and useful service, and this year we wanted to really dazzle you with something everyone could get excited about. But what to do? Pave all of the roads to keep down dust? Too city-like. Install a movie theater? You came here for the nature. Bring in Justin Beiber on the long weekends for special shows? We’ll consider it.

No, we wanted to do something that you’ve been thinking about yourselves since you first came here. You know what it is, don’t play coy. Alright I’ll tell you...New Showers! BOOM!

Thats right. We are finished construction on our brand new shower facilities, in a brand new building located right next to our current washrooms. The new building features four, count em, four shower stalls per gender for all of your showering needs. Say goodbye to waiting for your turn, now it’s everyones turn. Still not impressed? Okay.

New Laundry Facilities! FIST-BUMP!

This has been something we wanted to get for a long time coming, and now it’s a reality. With this new building we can confidently provide a cleaner, more hygenic camping experience. Your wife is going to be thrilled.

In addition to the new building, we have made many changes to Blue Lake in response to customer feedback.

These include:

- Back-up generators in the event of a power outage
- The renovation of Rustic Cabin 3/4, which includes a full washroom with shower
- Fresh paint in the Lodge kitchen, Lake 1 and Lake 2
- Maple hardwood floors throughout the living space in the Lodge
- New bathroom installed on the mainfloor of the Lodge
- An upgraded wall between Cabin’s 6 & 7 to reduce noise transmission.
- We replaced all the water in the lake with bottled water
- A fast and easy internet access experience
- Washed and scrubbed all local wildlife

We look forward to your presence on our lovely Resort this summer, please feel free to drop us an email with your responses to the new additions, as well as any suggestions for minor improvements while we still have time.

Your ruggedly handsome campground host.

Shayne Findlay

- - - - -

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